MAY 2022


a) Bodensee Favourites (Germany)

b) Bavarian Holidays_Part1 (Germany)

c) Positano (Italy)

2.Pictures of the month

3. Fun facts

a) Which European city has the highest number of bridges? HAMBURG, GERMANY

b) Which country has the highest number of lakes in the world? CANADA

c) Did you know this interesting fact about Tulips of Holland: Tulip Bulbs were used as currency in Holland during 1600s!!

4. Travel Tips

a) The 9 Euro ticket (monthly) will be available in Germany for use during June- August 2022 - valid on all public transport and regional trains etc (excluding long distance trains like ICE). Please check DB website for more details!!

b) Always carry a portable charger in your bag to ensure that your phone never runs out of battery

c) When in Italy, don't only rely on the looks of restaurants!! Even the small roadside eateries serve some of the best pizza and pasta at very reasonable costs.