Liechtenstein is one of the smallest countries in the world tucked in between Switzerland and Austria. The total length of its borders is 75 kms. Despite being a tiny country, Liechtenstein is worth a visit given its amazing location surrounded by the majestic Alps. The abundance of natural beauty makes it a perfect weekend getaway from the nearby countries in western Europe.

Vineyards in Liechtenstein


How to reach

It is important to note that Liechtenstein is not easily accessible by train from other countries. So, if you plan to visit Liechtenstein, it’s better to travel by car. There are a number of regions/cities where you can choose to stay when you visit Liechtenstein. We stayed for a couple of days in Triesenberg which enjoys a fantastic mountainous location offering amazing views of the Rhine valley below.


A quaint picturesque town where you can spend some quality time by enjoying the unspolit natural beauty of the surroundings. Walking around the town is the best way to enjoy the lovely scenery of the surrounding landscape. If you are interested to know a bit more, do visit the Walser museum in Triesenberg for information on the history and culture of the people of Triesenberg.

2. Vaduz 

Vaduz is the capital of Liechtenstein located about 5 km away from Triesenberg. You can visit the Vaduz Castle for lovely views over the city. You can’t enter the castle but feel free to take pictures from outside and enjoy the scenic beauty. There is a parking spot near the castle where you can park your car or you can hike up to the castle from the Vaduz city centre. The hike will take 20-25 minutes and is a bit steep but worth the views if you are up for it! 

Also, I would recommend visiting Städtle, Vaduz's main city centre where you can see the Government Building and Parliament's Landtag Building in Peter-Kaiser-Platz Square. You can also drop by the PostMuseum where I learnt quite interesting facts about the history of post stamps and post system of old times. 

Parliament Building in Vaduz

Government district at Stadtle

3.  Gutenburg Castle (Balzers)

If you have time, do consider visiting the Gutenburg Castle in Balzers municipality. Located on a  hillside, this castle again has amazing views of the city from the top.  You will have to park your car on the main road and from there walk up to the top of the castle ( the walk is a bit steep) but worth the effort for the beautiful scenery. Unfortunately when we visited, the entry to the castle was closed and it is generally open between May- September.  

Gutenburg Castle at a distance

Gutenburg Castle

Breathtaking greenery!!

Views from the castle

4. Malbun

Malbun is a ski resort in Lichtenstein and as you can imagine worth visiting for snow experiences!! It is around 8 km from Triesenberg with bus services connecting the two places. Since we visited Lichtenstein in February, Malbun was still full of snow and as the bus moved more and more towards Malbun, it was amazing to view the change of scenery from green to a purely white landscape!! 

Goodbye notes

Although not a very popular tourist destination, a visit to Lichtenstein is worth combining with a trip to Switzerland or Germany if you are fond of castles, mountains and looking for some offbeat and slightly remote scenic location.  Happy travels!!!