Mallorcan Vacations

Summer is that time of the year when you want to hit the beaches, relax and unwind, and of course get some tan!! One of the best locations worth visiting during this time is Mallorca Island in Spain. Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands (part of Spain) in the Mediterranean Sea.


How to reach

Given its popularity as a tourist destination among Europeans, especially German and British tourists, Mallorca has a fairly large international Airport called Palma de Mallorca Airport connecting Mallorca to different European cities. Also, it is just a 1-hour flight from Barcelona and there are multiple flights during the day.

Unhindered view of the sea

Mallorcan sunset

Cocktail Bar by the beach

Hotels along the sea promenade

Top things to do in Mallorca


Mallorca boasts of a lot of beautiful beaches along its coastline. As a first timer, we chose to stay in Playa de Palma area which has the longest beachfront in Mallorca stretching over 6-7 kms from S’Arenal to Can Pastilla. The beach promenade is full of restaurants and shops and its one of the most lively areas in Mallorca. However, be a bit careful to choose your accommodation since as you move towards S’Arenal you will find it more crowded with party lovers, hear loud music, meet more drunk people etc. etc.!!! So, if you a looking for a more peaceful and relaxed family vacation, I recommend choosing hotels towards Can Pastilla.

1. Day by the beach

Book a sunbed and enjoy a fun filled day by the sea and the sun. Go for a refreshing swim or simply dip your feet in the water while walking along the shore. Pamper yourself with some amazing cocktails on this perfect lazy day 😄. Whenever I am on the beach, I simply love to close my eyes and listen to the waves hitting the seashore - a great way to unwind and forget all my worrries for a while! How do you unwind on a beach??

Enjoy the best sea views!

Feel the waves splashing over your feet 😍

The calm water here is perfect for a swim

Best way to gaze at the sun and sea for hours

2. Palma Tourist train

The Palma tourist train is a fun way to explore the full stretch of Playa de Palma beach from S’Arenal to Can Pastilla. It is a very long stretch -so difficult to cover on foot. The full train ride lasts for almost an hour and costs 5 Euro per person.

3. Palma Town


Palma Aquarium, located near Playa de Palma beach has more than 700 species from Mediterranean Sea, Indian Ocean and others. It is a nice place to visit with kids although it can be skipped if you don’t have enough time. A ticket to the Aquarium costs 25-30 Euro per person.