Bodensee Seehasen Fest

1. Local festival in Friedrichshafen

The Seehasen Fest is a popular festival in Friedrichshafen (Bodensee, Germany) held every year during the month of July for 5 days. During this time, temporary markets are set up in the city centre with numerous shops and food stalls and the entire Bodensee lakeside area is illuminated with lights to create a festive mood. 

Live performances on open stage, music and dance competitions and ofcourse the delicious food add to the fun and frolic of the vibrant atmosphere.

Giant Wheel at Seehasen Fest

The festival has just begun

Fun rides @ Fest

People enjoying the festivities

2. Origin

You must be wondering why this fest is called ‘Seehasen Fest’! Well, the Seehas (or the field hare) which is the symbol of this festival was chosen because people living around Bodensee were called Seehasen. This festival first took place in 1949 after World War 2 with the idea of bringing back joy and happiness (especially for children) after times of distress.

Seehas Parade!!

What an amusing sight!

3. Fun activities


The Seehas arrives in the town during this festival in a boat from Bodensee and can be seen taking part in parades and processions waving and greeting people with a big smile!! The festivities begin on a Thursday and the party goes on till Monday evening!!


A big highlight of this festival is the beautiful fireworks over the lake on Saturday night. Also, don’t forget to attend the lovely colourful parade of Sunday to enjoy the fest to its fullest.


Also, goes without saying that such a fun-filled festival is incomplete without games, shopping and food! There are numerous game stalls and joy rides to entertain the kids while the elders can enjoy some lip-smacking food items!! By the way, don’t forget to try the special Flamm Lachs- it is simply yummy!!

Let us go for a ride!

Flammlachs- my favourite!

4. Seehas farewell


Finally, the festival ends on Monday evening with the Seehas bidding goodbye to everyone and children singing special folksong to mark the farewell. Seehas then goes back to the middle of the lake in a boat thereby marking the end of the festival for the year with a promise to come back next year again!!

Fun and frolic till the end!

Seehas bids goodbye