Positano & Naples

Are you planning for a beach vacation but cannot decide which location to choose? How about visiting one of the most photographed coastal towns in Europe and capturing the best pictures for your travel album! No prizes for guessing that I am talking about the romantic town of Positano in southern Italy. In this post, I will share the highlights of our summer getaway to Positano and Naples in southern Italy with some important information to help you plan your trip.


Destination 1: Positano

Positano is known for its picture-perfect view of multi-colored houses perched on steep cliffs along deep blue waters. The Amalfi coast (specially Positano) is a rare combination of scenic coastlines, posh beaches and delicious food which make it a highly popular tourist destination in Europe.

Mesmerizing view of Positano

Streets of Positano

Scratch the map:


Positano is located on the Amalfi Coast overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea in the Campania region of Italy. The mountain range in this area is called Lattari mountains. Positano is around 57 km from Naples and 270 km from Rome.


Nearest airport: Naples International airport

How to reach Positano: The easiest way to reach Positano from Naples airport is by hiring a private taxi. The distance from Naples airport can be covered in 1-1.5 hours via car (approximate price: €70-€80). A cheaper option is to take public transport (bus, train or ferry) from Naples to Positano. Keep in mind that if you take the ferry you will need to climb up maybe a hundred stairs with your luggage to reach the main road.


Our Tour Highlights:

If you are looking for a relaxing beach vacation, consider spending atleast 4 nights in Positano. We spent 4 nights in Positano which still did not seem enough! The best way to enjoy Positano is by walking down the romantic alleyways and admiring beautiful views all around the town. In general, you will have to walk a lot including climbing steps to reach any of the main points in the town. Also, walking will save you time rather than taking a car or bus on the narrow winding roads where you are bound to be stuck in traffic.

1. Spiaggia Grande beach: 

This is the main beach of Positano with a stunning hilly backdrop and spectacular sea view in front. It is worth spending a lazy day in this beach if you care for a good tan! The beach is lined with many restaurants and bars and is the most lively part of the town. On the right side of the beach, there is a pier from which boats and ferries depart to nearby islands or beaches.

Spiaggia Grande Beach

Alleyway near Piazza dei Mulini 

2. Fornillo beach: 

This is the second largest beach of Positano and can be reached on foot via a scenic path from the Spiaggia Grande beach in about 15 minutes with breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian Sea. This beach is comparatively less crowded and a more peaceful one than Spiaggia Grande.

Fornillo beach

On our way from Fornillo to Spiaggia Grande beach

3. Church of Santa Maria Assunta: 

This beautiful church with gorgeous interiors is located in the town centre very close to the Spiaggia Grande beach.

Santa Maria Church 

4. Emerald Grotto: 

Emerald Grotto (a small cave in water) is one of the natural highlights along the Amalfi Coast which gets its name from the emerald colour of the water. This colour is generated by sunlight entering the grotto through underwater openings that sends sparkling reflection up the cave walls. There is also an underwater nativity scene made of ceramic statues in the Emerald Grotto.  It is accessible both by land and sea from Positano. It takes around 30 minutes to reach this site from Positano by car. Inside the grotto, you can go for a guided tour on a rowboat for 10-15 minutes. The entrance tickets cost €5 per person. The Emerald Grotto can also be reached from Positano via the sea route. We hired a car from Positano to the Emerald Grotto and on our way back took the ferry to Amalfi (approx.15-20 mins), spent some time in Amalfi and then hopped onto a second boat from Amalfi to Positano (approx. 40 mins).  Also, do keep in mind that a direct ferry is not available on the way back from Emerald Grotto to Positano.