The Venetian Vacations

The City of Canals as we all know it-- Venice is one unique travel destination in Europe which attracts loads of travelers every year due to its amazing location, beautiful architecture, and romantic vibes. We all have secretly wished for that romantic gondola ride along the Venetian canals atleast once in our lifetime. In this post, I will share my experience of visiting this lovely city and exploring its main attractions. 

1. Scratch the map

Venice, the capital of the Veneto region is situated in northern Italy at the northwest end of Adriatic Sea. It is built on a group of around 118 islands in the Venetian Lagoon. The spectacle of magnificent palaces, bell towers and gondolas indeed do full justice to the romantic image of this island city.

2. How to reach

What can be a better way to set your vacation mood by arriving at the Marco Polo airport of Venice and getting a glimpse of the beautiful lagoon as your flight touches the ground!!

Venice Marco Polo Airport is the international airport of Venice connecting it to different parts of the word. The airport is approximately 6-7 kms from the mainland and an easy way to reach the main island (Piazza San Marco) is by water buses commonly known as vaporettos. The journey generally costs 15 EUR. Another option for private transport is the water taxi which can fit a maximum of ten people). They are quite expensive and mostly worthwhile if you are traveling with a large group. A ride from Marco Polo Airport to Venice by the water taxi is around 100 EUR.

Venice Marco Polo Airport

Leaving the airport in a water taxi

Crossing Murano (on the way to Lido)

Venice water taxi

3. Tour Highlights

3.a  Lido

The island of Lido is located around 3-4 km from Piazza San Marco on the coast of Adriatic Sea. It is known for hosting the Venice film festival and is also popular for its sandy beaches. Spending a relaxing day on the beach of Lido is an ideal way to get away from the crowds of Venice. 

Lido Beach

Posing on the pier at Lido

Enjoying some yummy seafood

Sunset over the beach @Lido

3.b Burano

A visit to Burano in northern Venetian lagoon is a must for posting those awesome Instagram pictures of the bright colourful houses adorning the canals of this island. The best way to explore this island is to simply stroll on your own and bump into the colourful surprises all around. It is also known for its beautiful lace work and of course the delicious buttery treats ‘Bussola’ (lovely butter cookies from Burano). Also, don’t miss to click a beautiful picture on the wooden bridge ‘Tre Ponti’ which is one of the best points to capture the vibrant surroundings of the island. We were staying at Lido from where line 14 ferry has a direct connection to Burano. 

Glimpse of the charming island

The famous colourful houses @Burano

Wandering on the island

Indulging on the Bussola and many more 

3.c  Piazza San Marco 

Venice main island (Piazza San Marco): Piazza San Marco or St. Mark’s Square is the most popular tourist area in Venice. This vast square has several famous historical attractions worth visiting and is also known for its amazing cafes. Enjoy sipping onto some coffee at a café in the square while marveling at the grand architecture all around. The live music at these cafes will surely add to the charm of the atmosphere.

San Zaccaria waterbus station

The famous Venetian gondola

This is the bell tower of San Marco and the highest building in Venice. It boasts of incredible views of the island and its surrounding waters from the observation deck. Remember to buy the ticket in advance (online) for €8 so that you don’t have to wait in a long queue. Also, don’t worry about climbing the stairs as there is a lift to take you to the top of the bell tower! 

Spectacular view of the island

View of San Giorgio Maggiore island

The Bell Tower- from the Square

The giant bells in the observation deck

View of the Square from the top

You simply can’t miss to visit this gorgeous church which as its name suggests houses the body of Saint Mark. With beautiful intricate interiors, large domes and amazing glittering mosaics, it is a visual treat to get a glimpse of Venetian history here. An interesting feature of the church’s façade are the four bronze horses (horses of San Marco) which seem to be ready to gallop off into the square below. They are said to represent the power of Venetian Republic. 

St Mark's Basilica

Beautiful artwork inside the church

Altar in the church

Massive interior of the church

The most impressive architecture in Saint Mark’s square is undoubtedly the Doge’s Palace which was the official residence of the ruling Doge of Venice. The beautiful frescos, massive state rooms and assembly halls of this stunning palace are a reflection of Venice’s powerful and wealthy past. This palace also hosts one of the largest oil paintings of the world - Il Paradiso by Tintoretto.

Outside Doge's Palace

The massive interior

Admire the beautful frescos inside the palace

The Golden Staircase

Il Paradiso

4. Personal Recommendations

5. Goodbye Notes

As I wrap up this piece, I must confess that Venice has a unique old world charm which attracts people from all around the world to the city of water and boats and much much more!!